George W. Bush Presidential Library Desk

Drawing the pattern on the leather

Film by: Julian Pastrana

What a wonderful project this was with Pastrana Studio, it exceeded the George Bush Libraries expectations, and to some degree ours. This was by far the largest piece of leather I've hand tooled. The biggest challenge for me was drawing the pattern on the leather. I use a soft 8B pencil to freehand sketch on the leather before casing it, the tooling it.

Another difficult task was the filigree. Filigree is where you cut out the "background" portions of the design with a knife. This will reveal anything you choose to put under the leather, in this case the wooden desktop.

I put a light hot oil finish on the project so it would have the ability to patina with use. 

Thank you to the Pastrana's and the Bush Center for the solid work on this project.