Eyes Forward

Since making the decision to focus on luxury leather work I've had quite a challenge describing what exactly that means. I will be working on a style guide of sorts that will show my scope of work going forward. This doesn't necessarily mean I will handtool floral designs on every piece, I actually prefer a nice clean smooth look. I think touches of tooling look nice rather than fully covering something. 

"There was starting to be a large overlap in the leather craft world. There was a sort of formula being followed by people in the American maker movement. I wanted to distance myself from it because I wasn't happy doing the same work everyone else was doing. I wanted to do something elite. I want to do something that you can't find a video over on YouTube - but would truly have to study the craft of the masters." 

The above quote was for an interview I did with WeDentonDoIt, going a little more in depth on why I chose this path of luxury. You can read it here

I wasn't happy with my work. I admire the masters, their attention to detail is fascinating to me. And it seems that most of them are located in Europe/Asia. You simply can't get on Youtube to learn what they know, and there isn't anyone that I've found here in America that can compare to the master bag makers over there. I have my eyes set on becoming a master of this craft. I've engulfed myself in only studying the masters (the ones that are actually posting online anyway) work in hopes of reaching their level of expertise. Everything is cut, sewn, and finished by hand. 

I appreciate all of the kind words of encouragement as this will be a challenge. However I'm keeping my eyes forward, laser focused on the goal of becoming a master some day.

- Clint