Restoring the value of legacy

Your legacy could be a family craft, vacation, hat, watch, or silverware set. In a world where items are mass produced to be disposable, I’m here to restore the value of legacy through heirloom quality leather work. The pieces I create tell a story about my legacy of leather craft passed down from my grandfather, and will begin its journey of creating yours. Then when the time is right, you can pass it down to your legacy. By this time the product is a piece of valuable family history.

The legacy collection marries world class leathers with methodical craftsmanship. Each product is precisely cut by hand using a keen japanese steel blade. Afterward it goes through a tedious hand sewn process using a saddle stitch, making sure each stitch is visually perfect and firm. Lastly I finish the edge by hand with a multi-step process of creasing, painting, sanding, waxing and polishing. Each individual piece is carefully crafted in pursuit of perfection using only hand tools. These painstaking techniques ensure you're getting a supremely handcrafted piece of functional art.

Each piece will have a specific code telling you the model number, which number you have of that model, and date (example: 2317). You will also receive a card written by me to whom ever your legacy will be, and can be given to them when you're ready to pass down your piece. It's not only a testament to how important family history is, but it's a promise to you that my work will hold firm well past your days.