I want to move folks’ expectations beyond monotone, assembly-line knock-offs to a world where their leather products are prized heirlooms intimately birthed from a shared vision between the craftsman and his client.
— Clint Wilkinson


The model is centuries old, but has been forgotten by most in the Western world. Master craftsmen and women in France, Hungary, Japan, and beyond are keeping the tradition alive in tiny ateliers and enclaves sought out by faithful pilgrims who long to reintegrate the magic of artistry into their everyday wares.  I want to re-forge this sacred and time-honored relationship between craftsman and customer right here in Denton—in a place I love, and for people--strangers and family alike--that I am committed to serve with dignity and exceptionalism.

The Legacy Collection marries world class leathers with methodical traditional craftsmanship. Each product is precisely cut by hand using a keen Japanese steel blade.  Afterward it goes through a tedious hand sewn process using a saddle stitch, making sure each stitch is visually perfect and firm. Lastly I finish the edge by hand with a multi-step process of creasing, painting, sanding, waxing and polishing. Each individual piece is carefully crafted in pursuit of perfection using only hand tools. These painstaking techniques which I have perfected over the years will ensure you're getting a supremely handcrafted piece of functional art.



Each one of my products are handmade one at a time as they're received, this allows me to make sure the quality remains paramount with each piece I create. If certain products are 'ready-to-ship' I will make that known to the client after the Model Order Form has been filled out. Otherwise, you will need to be put on my waitlist until it's your projects turn. I do allow for bypassing the waitlist if you select the expedite option.



I do take on bespoke projects if it aligns with my scope of work. Bespoke to me is truly one of a kind meaning I have to create the pattern from scratch. There's a great amount of time that goes into planning a large or small bespoke project that relies on craftsman to client interaction. I would recommend bespoke to anyone looking for a truly unique piece of functional art.