Welcome to the wait list, I'm honored that you've invested in my work and I cant wait to create your project. If at anytime you have questions please email me


  • As I complete projects this list will be updated. 
  • Once I'm ready to start your project you will receive a message from me
  • I will send you one or more process photos
  • When your project is complete I will message you
  • After your project is complete, the remaining balance will need to be paid
  • Once remaining balance is paid I will send you a link to schedule pickup or send you a shipping tracking number


Means I'm currently working on these projects

On Hold

This could mean I'm waitong for material to come in or some other event that is putting your ptojct on hold.

Pending Response

Means your project is ready to be active but I'm awaiting your response. I will bypass pending clients after 1 week of no response. If no reponse after 4 weeks you will be removed from my waitlist.


This is your spot in line


Active Projects

# Tobi Young

On Hold

# John O'D. - Custom Wallet


# Tim P. - Wallets

# Rocky - Briefcase

# Diane - Custom Clutch Briefcase

# Roozbeh - Custom Wallet

# Howard A. - Custom Wallet

# Greg B. - Custom Portfolio

# Leslie K. - Model 2 Handtooled

# James D. - Model 3

# Johanna F. - Model 1

# Harry H. - Model 2

# Tyler P. - Model 2

# Nancy S. - Model 4

# Domini C. - Model 2

# Todd U. - Tote Bag

# Fielder - Tote Bag

# Darryl M. - Model 2 Rattlesnake

# Jeff D. - Model 3

# Michael R. - Model 2

# Karen C. - Model 2

# Brooke C. - Model 1 Alligator