Welcome to the wait list, I'm honored that you've invested in my work and I cant wait to create your project. If at anytime you have questions please email me info@clintwilkinson.com


  • As I complete projects this list will be updated. 
  • Once I'm ready to start your project you will receive a message from me
  • I will send you one or more process photos
  • When your project is complete I will message you
  • After your project is complete, the remaining balance will need to be paid
  • Once remaining balance is paid I will send you a link to schedule pickup or send you a shipping tracking number


Means I'm currently working on these projects

Pending Response

Means your project is ready to be active but I'm awaiting your response. I will bypass pending clients after 1 week of no response. If no reponse after 4 weeks you will be removed from my waitlist.


This is your spot in line


Active Projects

# Chris Soukop - Briefcase

# Chris (MC) - Boot


Pending Response

# George Bush Library



# Tobi Young - Portfolio

# Cynthia Falk - Model 2

#Nanci Kimmi

# John Donnell

#Tim Phillips

# Rocky - Briefcase

# Diane - Custom Clutch Briefcase

# Roozbeh - Custom Wallet

#Howard Anglais

#Greg Bradshaw

# Todd Underwood


* Fielder

* Marissa - Custom Wallet

* Kris - Custom

* Sparky - Custom


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